Friday, April 15, 2011

Bathroom Muse

This isn't really as awkward as that title would lead you to believe...

Bathroom Paint Colors

This is the start of my vision and inspiration for a bathroom “re-fresh” I am lusting after… as soon as I save up enough cash money.  I have a tiny bathroom with the most amazing claw foot tub that takes up way to much space.  Such is the roller coaster of awesomeness that goes with owning a home built in the 1920s.  Since the bathroom is a small space, and painting floor to ceiling in that pretty shade of blue would make it even smaller, I gotta go with the white bead board wainscoting on the bottom half of the walls.  Hense the need to save up!  What would you think about painting the outside of the tub the same color as the walls?  A la this image (courtesty of Apartment Therapy)- but of course in the Retro Colonial Blue that I’ve chosen…

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