Laundry Room Lust

In the game of house hunting/ buying there is fine balance between “must haves” and “nice to haves”.  A second floor laundry room was on a list I like to call “OMG - that would be amazing if a house in our budget had that feature!”  So it wasn’t exactly a surprise when we ended up with a house that had laundry facilities in an unfinished basement. C’est la vie.  We recently “stumbled” upon a bit of “extra” (and I use that term very loosely) cash by way of hubby’s bonus check.  We decided we would save half and use half to tackle some projects we’ve been itching to get to.  We will be power washing and staining the front porch and deck (riveting, I know) and doing some general fixin’ up in the basement.  The bathroom project isn’t getting done with this round of financing (booo hoo) since it is more than perfectly acceptable in its current state.  Right about the time we got married in 2007 I conned my darling husband into trading traded the “naming rights” of our future children for the always coveted “man cave” in the basement of our future home.  We’re planners, what can I say.  All of that to say 90% the basement is his to do what he pleases with.  The other 10% is the laundry area which I have conned thoughtfully convinced my husband to let me handle.  Without further adieu here is my jumping off point:
Courtesy of The Crafty Hostess
My laundry area is tucked a bit under the basement stairs so I won’t be able to go as high with the shelving but that’s just fine.  At 5’ 1” I wouldn’t be able to reach it anyway!  I’m actually diggin’ the lilac color but not sure hubby would go for it.  Maybe an equally cheery, but gender neutral yellow? It will definitely be something light bright and airy.  A fold down drying rack and a nice folding surface are also in the works.  Any ideas on making the most out of the space under the stairs?

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