Planning: Laundry Room Makeover

So this past Saturday night, hubby and I went on a "shopping trip" to the home improvement store for the items we will need to tackle the basement project.  Yes, that is how a 25 year old married couple spends Saturday nights... and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

We didn't pull the trigger on any purchases yet, we just gathered information and prices on the products and supplies we'd need.  Did I mention we are planners?  I will spare you that mind numbingly boring breakdown and just say we will be coming in under budget - YAY! 

The shelving and organizational system for the laundry area will be coming from IKEA - their Antonius line to be exact - because it offers the flexibility we need for the small space (fold away wall mounted drying rack) and a very customizeable layout for shelving (remember the under the stairs issue?).

In any case, I need to pick the paint color for the wall of the laundry area.  There is some mechanical (venting, cords, etc.) yuckiness that I want to hide by way of a curtain.  The fabric for the curtain is already determined - I snagged a bolt of delightful apolstry grade fabric at a yard sale last summer so I use it whenever the need presents itself!  Here are your contestants:

So... what do ya think?  The minty green and light lilac are totally out of left field, I know - but as a native Philadelphian, I've got a soft spot for the underdog.

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