Irish = Shamrocks

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I know I am a day early, but Sundays are my day of rest.  And by rest I mean watching too many episodes of Downton Abbey (I'm still on season 2 - please no spoilers!) while cuddling with my dog on the couch.  This is usually followed by a trip to my Mom's house to visit with her, my Mom - Mom and my niece - hopefully for more cuddling.  Lately, if I'm lucky, the new kid on the block (my nephew) makes an appearance with his mama for some quality family dinner time. 

Anyway, back to Shamrocks.

Part of my job is to be festive.  For every single "holiday" that rolls around I do my best to roll out a new set of decorations and accents to force encourage everyone else to be festive. What better way to recognize the patron Saint of Ireland than shamrocks in a bouquet?  Certainly, there are a multitude of better ways, but I'm gonna stick with shamrocks.

My residents and I crafted these darling little centerpieces during the week and here is how:

Be gentle!
While these certainly are not the most intricate or ornate of St. Patty's centerpieces, they add a little touch of festive without too much effort and barely any cost.  If you are someone who crafts even semi regularly, you probably have many, if not all of these supplies on hand.

See the little bit of dimension the petal squeezing step adds?


Difficulty Rating = 4th Grader

As a re-fresher here is my wildly arbitrary craft rating system from easiest to most difficult:

4th Grader
Average Joe
Weekend Crafter
Stay at home Mom (seriously, have you seen what these women are capable of?) 

Hope everyone enjoys their green food/ beverage of choice and stays safe during whatever festivities you may be partaking in this weekend! 


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