(Snowy) Daffodil Garland

The abundant daffodils in my garden began to sprout in late January when the weather was abnormally warm for a few days.  I covered them with a pot and put a brick on the pot to keep it in place.  A few weeks ago, I discovered the daffodils had continued to grow and were now starting to push the brick-laden pot upwards.  They desperately want Spring to arrive.  I second that motion.  

Normally, I would be the last person to rush Winter along, (it is my favorite season) but this year I am excitedly awaiting some warmer temperatures and time outdoors.  I am fully ready for the winter hibernation to end.

Since cold temperatures and snowfall ushered the Philadelphia region into the first full day of Spring, I needed a little pick-me-up to remind me that Spring is indeed, around the corner. 

These bright and sunny paper flowers look great strung on natural twine to make a great Spring time garland.  Here is how it's done:

You will need:
Single hole punch
10 (or more) sheets of yellow, patterned scrapbook paper.
Paper fasteners/ brads (I used these)
Twine (or ribbon, or whatever you'd like to string your flowers on)
 Daffodil Pattern (click here for the PDF)

*There are three layers to each flower that are labeled 1(large), 2 (medium), and  3 (small), in the PDF file.  For ease in the below directions I will refer to the pattern pieces using those numbers.*

1. Cut out all three pattern pieces

2. You will need a 1, 2 and 3 piece for each flower you want to make.  Using varied patterns of scrapbook paper, trace and cut as many complete flower sets as you'd like.

3.  Working with the layer 2 flower, fold each petal in half individually, to create a crisp seam going vertically down each petal.

4. Now take the layer 3 flower and alternate folding the "petals" inward and outward.  There is not a great technique for this folding.  Honestly, it frustrating trying to fold the small petals and I don't know that I've ever done it the same way twice.  The goal is to create some dimension in the paper using the folds.  You want it to resemble the center flute of a daffodil.  I've literally crumpled this piece gently in my hand and unfolded it with decent results.  Find a method that works for you!

5. Take your pen and GENTLY poke a small hole in the center of each of your layers.

6. Take your paper faster and layer your pieces on 3, 2, 1.

7. Spread the paper fastener to secure the layers in place.  You can rotate your layers independent of each other until you find a configuration you like.

See the crisp vertical folds of layer 2 and haphazard dimension of layer 3?

If you'd like to make garland, simply punch a hole in a petal of  of the layer 1 flower and string onto your choice of twine or ribbon. 

The garland would be a thrifty addition to the decor for any Spring party, or just a fun way to add a little sunshine until mother nature delivers the real thing. 

Difficulty = 4th Grader

Don't feel like making this?  Order it here!

Think Spring!

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