Bennett's Baptism

It is hard to believe that it has been almost a month since Mother's Day and my last post.  More than ever, it seems lately, time is just ticking away much faster than I approve of.  My oldest niece, who I swear I was meeting for the first time a minute ago, is two years old, wearing pigtails and saying all sorts of sassy things.  The whiskers and hairs on my dog's face are suddenly more gray and white than they are brown and I am 6 months away from another birthday.  I really don't know how this all happened!

My love for reminiscing and nostalgia is one of the reasons I so enjoy photography; especially the variety that documents important events or time periods in people's lives.  It is rewarding to know that as time passes, as faces age and babies grow, some moments that I've captured will be the moments people look back on as they say "remember when..."

I am so fortunate to have people in my life who are supportive of the things that I love to do!  I have yet to manage to put in to words how meaningful and special it is when I am invited to be a part of a family's memorable occasions from behind the camera.  

I met Maura (Bennett's Mom) while working at a place that we are both glad to no longer work at!  Despite the fact that we both gladly moved on, I know I am happy to have worked there because of all of the wonderful people I became friends with during my time there.  When I first met Maura she was preparing to get married; planning her winter wedding in her hometown of Oneonta, NY from the suburbs of Philadelphia.  She planned a beautiful wedding in a very short amount of time, all while maintaining a collected calmness - at least on the surface!  I met Sean, Maura's husband for the first time at a Halloween party at my house.  They dressed as Liz Lemon (Tina Fey's charter on 30 Rock) and her boyfriend at the time Carol (played by Matt Damon).  Seriously, how could you not be friends with these people?
Costume inspiration.  The often unintentionally masculine Liz wears the same flannel shirt as her boyfriend

Maura and Sean -Halloween 2010.  How awesome are they?

I was thrilled to hear the wonderful news last June that Maura and Sean were expecting a little one!  Bennett Reid made his debut in late November 2012 and was surrounded by family at his baptism this past Mother's Day.  It was such a pleasure to be there for this special day!
Very seriously the only baby I've seen that didn't throw a fit while being baptized.  Maybe the pacifier helped!
The proud parents receiving baby Bennett's baptism certificate
The grandmothers
Very proud god parents!
What a beautiful family!

Beautiful Mama and cute Bennett laughing at his Daddy. 

Handsome, happy, smiley Bennett!

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