Flanagan Family Photos

August arrived yesterday.  Typically, that would put a smile on my face.  September, and the unofficial end of summer, is right around the corner.  But, I haven't had to run my air conditioner in over a week. This little slice of summer heaven is something I could get used to. 

Just when I think I may be starting to enjoy summer a bit more, I remember oppressively hot days like those leading up to and after Independence Day.  Sitting and watching fireworks and periodically peeling my legs off of the plastic lawn chair for fear that they may be permanently stuck if I sit still too long.  Ahhh... the memories. 

On one such 95+ degree day, The Flanagan Family and I braved the heat and humidity to capture some family photos.  Lucky for me, they made it look easy!  Mike, Kate and Aidan laughed off the harsh elements and even got the family pets involved.

We made a day of it!  This allowed me to capture some typical family time that they enjoy together when there isn't a snap happy photographer following them around.  I had a fantastic (albeit sweaty) day with the Flanagan's; getting to be a little part of some sweet family moments is always a treat!

We started out at my house for a change of scenery.  Aidan made fast friends with the horse!        
Father & Son
Some cuddle time
Pillow fight!
Cute little Patriot.
Mommy and Aidan laughing at Daddy.
Lovely little family of three.
Can't forget the furry family members.  Even the pups are smiling!

Thanks again to Mike, Kate & Aidan for letting me into your lives for the day!