Better Late Than Never

I really hate that phrase.  And I hate that I thought of a million excuses as to why it was OK for me to be late.  I'm not one for excuses, but we all make them for ourselves and others from time to time and I think that is rather negative.  Maybe we should start calling these little things that diverge us from our intended paths as "reasons".  Having a reason for something is a hell of a lot better than having an excuse for something.  Excuses assign blame; and really, is there a need for blame assignment when something has gone differently than expected?  No.  No there is not.

In any case, I'm really late in getting these photos up to share with you.  My bad.  I hope you enjoy them in all of their untimely glory.   Perhaps they will make you think of all of the things we love about winter; holidays, family time, fire places, glitter, pine trees and cozy blankets.  Never mind the several tons of snow that are finally melting and the compact car sized pot holes you've been dodging.

This holiday season, I offered mini photo shoot options to the lovely folks who were kind enough to contact me to set up a time for updated family photos for card sending.  Thanks to these families for braving the BITTER cold with grace, class (minus the frozen snot on the little ones) and beautiful smiles.  I hope your holiday cards were enjoyed by all who received them!

When parents are willing to be silly, you get expressions like these.

Well, boys will be boys.

With three young boys, I applaud these parents.

Outside to let the wild ones be wild.

It was actually 20 degrees outside so they deserve a standing ovation.

Such a sweet, sweet young lady.

And a handsome young man.

Cozy by the fire place

Sometimes as a photographer you have to pretend to trip over something.  Nothing better than a genuine laugh. 

This pretty little face should look familiar!

Mommy can be pretty funny

A Julianna sized Christmas Tree.  

Sweet mommy-daughter moment.

This is what pure joy looks like.

Million dollar smiles run in the family.

Happiness is...

Handsome face.

This.  This is why I love taking photographs.

Thank you for indulging my "better late than never" winter time photos.  Even though it seems far behind us, I hope you all enjoyed a fantastic holiday season with family and friends!