Finding Beauty in My Backyard

Here at the Backyard Boutique, my tagline is "Finding Beauty in Your Own Backyard".  This simple slogan is very meaningful to me, because it is a friendly reminder that I need to be more aware of all of the everyday beauty I am lucky enough to see.  

So often, we become consumer driven monsters; looking for satisfaction, status, inner peace, and beauty from the home decor aisle at Target.  While I have found many (MANY) lovely things walking those hallowed halls, it is nice to pause and notice the stunning show of beauty that Mother Nature provides. 

Although folks will tend to remember the drenching rain and temperatures that dipped lower than we'd like for this time of year, April provided us with more than a handful of perfect Spring days.  I took advantage of as many of those days as I could with picnic dinners by the Skippack Creek with my husband and dog, starting to exercise outside, and my favorite thing of all, getting my garden ready!

As buds turned to blooms, I found myself whipping my phone out to snap a picture almost every morning as I walked to my car.  One morning it occurred to me that I should spend some more time in my garden - be more conscious of the beauty around me and more deliberate with my photo snapping. 

Now that you've waded through my crunchy-granola, one with nature ramblings, I hope you enjoy the products of my commune with nature. 

*All photos are from my garden and my mother's garden - which was my backyard for 20 years*

Painterly tulip brought to you by a wide aperture macro lens.

Weeping branch and a pink tulip hold hands

Kissing lips tulip

Grape hyacinths

Feeding time in the garden.

Bleeding heart - morbid name, beautiful flower

Seriously, nature - quit showing off. 

The bleeding hearts open up

I kind of love tulips.

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Thanks for stopping by!  Be sure to head out and discover the beauty that surrounds you everyday!