Cheaper by the Dozen: The Young Family

Fact: I have a very small family.  The best way I've been able to illustrate this point to people is by telling them a) I have NO first cousins and b) I have no aunts.  I love my tiny little family and the wildly large personalities that are a part of it.  Considering that my parents were born at the tail end of the post WWII baby boom, my grand parents on both sides,  totally bucked the trend by having small families.  My mother is an only child and my father has one brother.  Even with the edition of spouses for my brother and I and two little ones for my brother - ten people (kids included) is where we stand.

After meeting Jackie, I quickly figured out that she was part of a large family.  In passing conversation at our former workplace, I'd often have to say "is that the same sister you mentioned before..." or "which brother is younger..."  No - it's not that I'm a bad listener or have a terrible memory, it is that Jackie, along with her siblings are equal in number to my entire immediate family.  That's right folks - a very brave man and woman embarked on that harrowing journey of parenthood ten times over.  With only two Youngins (see what I did there!) left in high school, I'd venture to guess they are about to breath a sigh of relief that will be heard around the world!  It was a pleasure to get to know Jackie's big (and growing) family.  The inevitable chaos that surrouds getting 20 people (including 5 little ones) in the same place at the same time didn't frazzle the Young family one bit.  They laughed together, made fun of one another, shared great ideas and maybe yelled at a sibling or two - but it was all in love.  Even a stranger would recognize that!  Here's to Mom (Barb) and Dad (Jim) for raising 10 spectacular people - and teaching them that above all - loving each other is what makes it all work.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, the many facets of the good looking, fun loving and BIG Young Family:

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