Ketchup Day

I've always loved being a student.  If someone would foot the bill, I'd absolutely do it forever.  While I certainly like to learn new things and meet new people, I'm pretty sure my student fetish begins with a healthy love of fresh, new school supplies.  Grade school was certainly a favorite of mine.  While other children groaned about the latest diorama assignment, I was already picking out the perfect shoebox to do the job and skipping down the aisles of poster board and and paints in my mind.  One of my favorite teachers (it may or may not be because she gave me an award for "best projects" at the end of the school year) had an every marking period tradition of setting aside half of one day as time to work on things that you'd fallen behind with.  I'd pay to see the light in my eyes upon walking into her classroom and seeing the bottle of Heinz Ketchup (clever, eh) sitting on her desk signifying the morning as "Ketchup Day".  I loved having the time to decide just what items in my busy 2nd grade life could use more attention.  There were lists and important decisions to be made!

In the spirit of "Ketchup Day", I offer a small and overdue sampling of my latest photo shoots.  Enjoy!

Cake smash!

Slides & Smiles

Blowing Kisses!

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