Not So Snowy Snow Day

The winter holiday season was a very busy one here at The Backyard Boutique.  I had the pleasure of meeting many new families that happily filled my weekends with photo shoots in preparation for holiday cards and gift giving.  It was fun, humbling and sometimes cold - but I wouldn't trade those opportunities and experiences for all of the free time in the world.

In other creative news, I've also been quite busy growing a baby over the last 30 weeks.  What a beautiful, weird, tiring and exciting time it has been since finding out  a baby was on the way in August.  It simultaneously seems like yesterday, and an eternity ago that I wasn't feeling quite right on a summer camping trip and eventually put the puzzle pieces together to discover our happy surprise!

If you live in the northeastern United States, chances are you have some, or a ton of snow on the ground right now.  Although the Philadelphia area didn't get as much snow as was predicted, there is enough on the ground to keep me from venturing out.  Since I'm on self imposed snowmagedon house arrest, I've run out of reasons for the delay in sharing some of the work I did over the last few months. 


WHEW!  Such a busy, fun filled November and December!  While this baby continues to grow, I'll be booking photo shoots up until the first week in March and will start back up again in mid June, if all goes well.  Here's to a hasty arrival of Spring; in the meantime, try to enjoy the snow!