Back to Work

My beautiful baby girl arrived just before sunrise on April 9.  Thirteen weeks later and I've joined the hoards of mothers everywhere that chant "Enjoy every moment! It goes by so fast!".  I rolled my eyes unapologetically at that phrase during the first few weeks of motherhood.  Everything hurts, you don't sleep, you're learning a brand new job, and your tiny, helpless baby is just not sure why it's so loud and bright.  Not every moment is enjoyable, and that's ok.  A newborn baby can only cry to let you know when something is wrong.  And sometimes, there isn't a damn thing you can do about it other than hold them and sing or shush or tell them it's all ok.  Then she smiles at you for the first time.  Just a glimpse of another form of communication that lets you know that you're doing your best and that is enough.  It really does "take a village" and I have the best one a new mom could ask for.  Thank you.

Back to business!  The Backyard Boutique had a brief hiatus while I finished up those last SUPER COMFORTABLE weeks of pregnancy and recovered from giving birth.  Lucky for me, my clients were happy to keep a tentative schedule as I adjusted to my new normal.  It was really refreshing and meaningful to get back behind the camera and learn, in practice, that I could manage having the two best jobs in the world.

My first post partum photo shoot and my new favorite subject.


Thanks for sticking around!

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