Everything's Coming up Baby

You know the phenomenon that occurs when you start driving a new car?  Suddenly you see "your" car everywhere on the road.  I'm certain there is some psychological explanation for the human tendency to become more aware of others in circumstances similar to their own.  Empathy?  Maybe.  Whatever it's called, it also happens when you're pregnant.  Friends, acquaintances, perfect strangers - round, pregnant bellies everywhere you turn.  In pregnancy, child birth and child rearing, it is awesome, exciting and INVALUABLE to have a community of ladies who know just what you're going through - at the same time that you are going through it.  Even if you have the best mom (I DO!), aunts, older cousins, whatever - time fades the memory.  That, I am SURE is a biological mechanism to ensure the survival of the human race.  No one would have more than one child if the sensations, emotions and experiences of all things surrounding pregnancy, birth and the early days of caring for a newborn remained as raw and vivid as they were while they happened.

Lucky me.  My best friend had her second daughter 6 months before I had a girl of my own.  A former co-worker and current friend had her little girl about 4 weeks after I welcomed a baby into my world.  I met some great ladies in a pre-natal yoga class.  My sister in law will bring her baby girl into this world in a few short weeks.  I love having all of these hearts and minds to share this journey with. 

Funny enough, some clients (who I call friends) also decided that the Spring and Summer seemed like a great time for the world to meet some new people.  As usual, I love being a part of, and documenting these marvelous moments.  It was incredibly special since I was in the same baby boat.

Three under 3.  Superheros.


Hope you enjoyed all these cute faces and round bellies!

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