Brand Spankin' New

Newborn babies are squishy and cute and sleepy and sweet and REALLY hard to take care of.  I think most new moms find themselves sitting with their new baby at some point thinking "Wow. This is super hard.  Why didn't anyone tell me it would be this hard?  THEY ALL LIED!"

If you're half as fortunate as I am,  someone, or many someones DID tell you how hard it would be. Unfortunately, the natural smugness that comes with growing a human inside of your body doesn't allow you to absorb this information.  Pregnancy smugness allows you to believe it will somehow be different and easier for you.  It won't be.  But if you're reading this and pregnant, enjoy your delusion while it lasts.

For all their helplessness and impossible to understand cries, newborns are extraordinary.  It is a special time in the life of a new family and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to be welcomed into the home of a stranger to capture the magic.

There is nothing like the glow of a new mom.

Dad is a mechanic.  This isn't where he always sleeps.