My Story:

The Backyard Boutique was born out of necessity as a creative outlet and escape from the 9-5 doldrums. I began my college career at Parsons School of Design and quickly realized the fast pace of New York City was not for me. I much prefer fresh air, a front porch rocking chair and the company of my pup to crowded streets and noisy nights. I moved on to obtain a BS in Tourism and Hospitality Management - 18 year old me needed to get as far away from art school as fast as possible! 

My love for photography remained with me, and the knowledge and skills I've acquired over the years allowed me to capture important memories and people in my own life.  I'm filled with gratitude to be able to share my passion and talent to do the same for the individuals and families I work with. Capturing milestones and moments that can be enjoyed now, and preserved forever is simply something I love doing.

The Backyard Boutique is truly all about “finding beauty in your own backyard”!  It is easy to be consumed by keeping up with the Jones’ (or the Marthas) while forgetting to reflect on the beautiful people and things in our own lives.  Beauty is not a privilege reserved for the perfect!  Mistakes, mishaps and misgivings are an essential part of the journey and can be embraced similarly to the successes.  Being content with the here and now is a life long challenge.  The Backyard Boutique is my honest attempt to confront that challenge head on!

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